Security Council Committee established pursuant to Security Council resolution 2048 (2012) concerning Guinea-Bissau


I. Scope of information provided by the narrative summaries

The narrative summaries are based on information available to the designating State(s) and/or members of the Committee at the time of the listing, including when available: the statement of case, coversheet or any other official information provided to the Committee, or any relevant information available publicly from official sources, or any other information provided by the designating State(s) or Committee members. Each narrative summary includes the date of listing, the basis for listing according to relevant resolutions adopted by the Security Council as well as, as appropriate, any other relevant information available after the date of listing. The information contained in each narrative summary is presented as much as possible in chronological order. The date on which the narrative summary is made accessible on the Committee’s website is also specified in the document containing the summary.

  1. Individuals (permanent reference numbers starting with GBi);
  2. Entities (permanent reference numbers starting with GBe).