Security Council Committee established pursuant to Security Council resolution 2048 (2012) concerning Guinea-Bissau

The Security Council Committee concerning Guinea-Bissau was established on 18 May 2012, pursuant to resolution 2048 (2012)PDF, to oversee the relevant sanctions measures and to undertake the tasks set out by the Security Council in paragraph 9 of the same resolution.

The sanctions measures currently in effect are summarized in the table below.

Measure Description (unofficial) In effect until Exceptions to the measure
Travel ban
All States shall take the necessary measures to prevent the entry into or transit through their territories of individuals designated by the Committee for inclusion on its consolidated travel ban on the basis of the criteria summarized in paragraphs 6-8 resolution 2048 (2012). Set out in paragraph 4 of resolution 2048 (2012).

By virtue of paragraph 5 of resolution 2048 (2012), the travel ban does not apply where the Committee determines, on a case-by-case basis, that such travel is justified on the grounds of humanitarian need, including religious obligation; where entry or transit is necessary for the fulfilment of a judicial process; and where the Committee determines on a case-by-case basis that an exemption would further the objectives of peace and national reconciliation in Guinea-Bissau and stability in the region.

The list of individuals and entities subject to the measures imposed by paragraphs 4 of resolution 2048 (2012), which is maintained and regularly updated by the Committee, can be found on the consolidated travel ban list. Exemptions from these measures can be requested from the Committee pursuant to paragraph 5 of resolution 2048 (2012).

The current Chair of the Committee, for the period ending 31 December 2015, is Her Excellency Mrs. U.Joy Ogwu (Nigeria). The Vice-Chair for 2015 is Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of).

The Committee publishes annual reports of its activities and its Chair briefs the Security Council regularly. The latest press release of the Committee's work can be found on the press releases page.

Formal and informal meetings of the Committee are announced in the Journal of the United Nations PDF.