Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1988 (2011)


Security Council press releases are issued each time a change is made to the 1988 Sanctions List, including when the names of individuals and entities are removed from the List pursuant to a decision by the 1988 Sanctions Committee. All such press releases remain available on the Committee’s website at:

The Committee has made available a standard form for de-listing requests through the relevant link below. The procedures for the submission of delisting requests are set out in section 8 of the Committee’s Guidelines adopted on 30 November 2011 and amended on 15 April 2013 and 29 July 2013, which are available on the Committee’s website at:

In paragraph 27 of its resolution 2160 (2014), the Security Council recalls its decision that individuals and entities seeking removal from the 1988 Sanctions List without the sponsorship of a Member State are eligible to submit such requests to the Focal Point mechanism established in resolution 1730 (2006).

Relevant documents and links:

Focal Point for De-listing established pursuant to Security Council resolution 1730 (2006)