Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1970 (2011) concerning Libya


S/RES/2214 (2015) 27 March 2015 Calls on the 1970 Committee on Libya to consider expeditiously arms embargo exemption requests by the Libyan government for the use by its official armed forces to combat terrorist groups aligned with ISIL, Ansar Al Charia and Al-Qaida.
S/RES/2213 (2015) 27 March 2015 Extends the authorizations and the measures in relation to attempts to illicitly export crude oil from Libya, until 31 March 2016; further elaborates the designation criteria; extends the mandate of the Panel of Experts.
S/RES/2174 (2014) 27 August 2014 Reinforces the arms embargo and expands the criteria for designating individuals or entities as subject to the travel ban and assets freeze. Requests the Panel of Experts to provide information on those who meet the additional criteria.
S/RES/2146 (2014) 19 March 2014 Authorises Member States to inspect on the high seas vessels designated by the Committee as attempting to illicitly export crude oil from Libya; decides to impose a number of measures on such designated vessels; extends the mandate and size of the Panel of Experts.
S/RES/2144 (2014) 14 March 2014 Stresses compliance with the modalities of arms supplies, including ensuring that transfers reach and remain with the designated end-user, and encourages bilateral consultations regarding claims for misappropriated funds.
S/RES/2095 (2013) 14 March 2013 Further eases the arms embargo in relation to Libya; extends the mandate of the Panel of Experts.
S/RES/2040 (2012) 12 March 2012 Amends a provision related to the enforcement of the arms embargo; extends and modifies the mandate of a slimmed-down Panel of Experts.
S/RES/2017 (2011) 31 October 2011 Requests the Committee to assess the threats and challenges, in particular related to terrorism, posed by the proliferation of all arms and related materiel of all types, in particular man-portable surface-to-air missiles, from Libya, in the region, and to submit a report to the Council.
S/RES/2016 (2011) 27 October 2011 Terminates the no-fly zone and the authorization to protect civilians.
S/RES/2009 (2011) 16 September 2011 Eases, or lifts, some of the measures in connection with the situation in Libya.
S/RES/1973 (2011) 17 March 2011 Imposes additional measures in connection with the situation in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya; establishes a Panel of Experts to assist in monitoring the relevant measures.
S/RES/1970 (2011) 26 February 2011 Imposes an arms embargo, a travel ban and an assets freeze in connection with the situation in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.