Security Council Committee pursuant to resolutions
1267 (1999) and 1989 (2011) concerning Al-Qaida
and associated individuals and entities



Date on which the narrative summary became available on the Committee’s website: 13.04.2012

Son Hadi bin Muhadjir was listed on 13 April 2012 pursuant to paragraphs 4 of resolution 1989 (2011) as being associated with Al-Qaida for “participating in the financing, planning, facilitating, preparing, or perpetrating of acts or activities by, in conjunction with, under the name of, on behalf of, or in support of” or “otherwise supporting acts or activites of” Jamaah Anshorut Tauhid (QE.J.133.12) and Jemaah Islamiya (QE.J.92.02).

Additional information:

Son Hadi bin Muhadjir has been the Jemmah Anshorut Tauhid (QE.J.133.12) (“JAT”) spokesperson and has provided support to the Jemaah Islamiya (QE.J.92.02) network’s operations.  As of March 2011, Son Hadi received operational guidance directly from JAT’s senior leadership, specifically acting emir Mochammad Achwan.  As of June 2011, Son Hadi was director of the Jemmah Anshorut Tauhid Media Center. He professed support for Al-Qaida in a May 2011 press interview.  In 2009, Son Hadi held a leadership position in a regional JAT office as secretary for proselytizing efforts in East Java, Indonesia.

Son Hadi has been a longtime Jemaah Islamiya supporter.  In 2004, Son Hadi became the leader of Jemaah Islamiya’s administrative region in East Java, Indonesia.  Between 1997 and 2004, Son Hadi worked alongside a Jemaah Islamiya official in a foundation that had been a center of that organization’s activities in Surabaya, Indonesia at the time.  Son Hadi was arrested in 2004 for harboring now-deceased senior Jemaah Islamiya operative Noordin Mat Top and sentenced to four years in jail.  Son Hadi also was involved in Jemaah Islamiya’s 2004 bombing of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, which killed nine people and injured 182 others.

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