Security Council Committee pursuant to resolutions
1267 (1999) and 1989 (2011) concerning Al-Qaida
and associated individuals and entities



Date on which the narrative summary became available on the Committee’s website: 15 September 2011

Abd al-Rahman Ould Muhammad al-Husayn Ould Muhammad Salim was listed on 15 September 2011 pursuant to paragraphs 4 and 5 of resolution 1989 (2011) as being associated with Al-Qaida for “participating in the financing, planning, facilitating, preparing, or perpetrating of acts or activities by, in conjunction with, under the name of, on behalf of, or in support of” or “supplying, selling or transferring arms and related materiel to” Al-Qaida (QE.A.4.01) and the Organization of Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (QE.T.14.01).

Additional information:

Abd al-Rahman Ould Muhammad al-Husayn Ould Muhammad Salim, a.k.a. Younis al-Mauritani, is a senior Al-Qaida (QE.A.4.01) leader who was in charge of Al-Qaida’s external operations as of mid-2010. Based in Pakistan, Salim was planning an attack on European economic targets as of late 2010. The former leader of Al-Qaida, Usama bin Laden (QI.B.8.01), had devoted most of Al-Qaida’s funds to support Salim’s plan. Salim swore allegiance to Bin Laden in the late 1990’s.

Salim has also been involved in the Salafist Group for Call and Combat (GSPC), which merged with Al-Qaida in 2007 and became the Organization of Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) (QE.T.14.01). Salim joined GSPC in 2001; he fought in Mauritania and served as a communications link between GSPC and Al-Qaida. As of late 2009, Salim was wanted in Mauritania for planning an attack in 2005 against the Mauritanian military. At the same time he provided weapons and explosives training to AQIM members in Mali, including in the use of AK-47 assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades. Salim has also fought against Algerian forces on behalf of GSPC and was sent by GSPC leaders to Pakistan to arrange the merger between GSPC and Al-Qaida.

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