Security Council Committee pursuant to resolutions
1267 (1999) and 1989 (2011) concerning Al-Qaida
and associated individuals and entities



Date on which the narrative summary became available on the Committee’s website: 14.09.2009

Ibrahim Mohamed Khalil was listed on 6 December 2005 pursuant to paragraphs 1 and 2 of resolution 1617 (2005) as being associated with Al-Qaida, Usama bin Laden or the Taliban for “participating in the financing, planning, facilitating, preparing or perpetrating of acts or activities by, in conjunction with, under the name of, on behalf or in support of” or “recruiting for” Al-Qaida (QE.A.4.01).

Additional information:

Ibrahim Mohamed Khalil lived at an Al-Qaida (QE.A.4.01) training camp in Afghanistan from October 2001 until July 2002. Leading cadres of Al-Qaida instructed him to go to Germany and undertake activities on behalf of the organization, in particular recruiting new members and gathering financial support for the organization.

From at least the summer of 2004, Khalil agreed to attempt to acquire fraudulently large sums of money from life insurance companies, intending to direct a great part of this money to Al-Qaida to fund its terrorist activities. In particular, Khalil, in association with Yasser Mohamed Ismail Abu Shaweesh (QI.A.201.05) and Ismail Mohamed Ismail Abu Shaweesh (QI.A.224.06), planned to take out life insurance policies totaling 4,325,958 Euros in benefits with a number of insurance companies, with Ismail Abu Shaweesh as the designated beneficiary. Yasser Abu Shaweesh was to fake a fatal traffic accident during his stay in Egypt. By obtaining a death certificate, if necessary through bribery, the life insurance benefits were to be collected by Ismail Abu Shaweesh who would transfer it abroad. Khalil, Yasser Abu Shaweesh and Ismail Abu Shaweesh were then to abscond. The main part of the money was to go to Al-Qaida in order to fund its terrorist activities. Khalil was primarily responsible for paying the insurance premiums.

Khalil was convicted in Germany on 5 December 2007 of membership of a terrorist organization and attempted fraud, and was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment.

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