GA/9536 : General Assembly concludes commemoration of Fiftieth Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Himan Rights
[11 Dec 1998]
GA/9535 : General Assembly opens second day of meetings to commemorate Fiftieth Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights
[11 Dec 1998]
HR/4395 : Human Rights activists honoured at United Nations
[10 Dec 1998]
SG/SM/6827 HR/4393: Without Human Rights, no peace or prosperity can endure, Secretary-General tells Assembly Commemoration
[10 Dec 1998]
GA/SM/79 HR/4392: Assembly President calls for renewal, in ideas and action, of commitment to cause of Human Rights
[09 Dec 1998]
SG/SM/6825 HR/4391: Protecting Human Rights of one individual promotes peace of all humanity, Secretary-General states at UNESCO
[08 Dec 1998]
Note to correspondents -- Fiftieth Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights to be celebrated with gala events at United Nations Headquarters on 10 December
[07 Dec 1998]
Human Rights Film Festival at Headquarters 3-9 December
[03 Dec 1998]
SG/SM/6815 HR/4390: Human Rights Day 1998 is time to renew commitment to globalizing justice in age of globalization, Secretary-General states
[01 Dec 1998]
United Nations Launches Fiftieth Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
[10 Dec. 1997]
GA/SM/24/Rev.1 - OBV/35/Rev.1: Universal Declaration had profound impact on human history, says Assembly President, but gap remains between aspirations and achievements [10 Dec. 1997]
HR/4348 - PI/1046: Human Rights Day events at United Nations mark beginning of year-long observance of fiftieth anniversary of Universal Declaration [10 Dec. 1997]
HR/4346 - OBV/33: In Human Rights Day message, High Commissioner says Universal Declaration must be given practical effect [9 Dec. 1997]
HR/4344 - PI/1045: Human Rights are universal, indivisible, interdependent, Secretary-General stresses in video message to international journalists' Round Table [8 Dec. 1997]
SG/SM/6414 - OBV/32: Universality of Human Rights gives them power, Secretary-General says, in message on 50th Anniversary year of Human Rights Declaration
[5 Dec. 1997]
Note No.5489: Human Rights Day to be observed at Headquarters, 8-10 December
[4 Dec. 1997]

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