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The Trusteeship Council

The Trusteeship Council Chamber was a gift from Denmark to the United Nations. It was designed by Finn Juhl, a Danish architect, and all the furnishings come from Denmark. The walls are lined with ashwood for the purpose of enhancing the accoustics in the Chamber.

The large wooden statue in the Trusteeship Council Chamber was a gift from Denmark, presented to the United Nations in June 1953 and made by a Danish artist by the name of Henrik Starcke. Carved from the trunk of a teakwood tree, the woman with her arms outstretched letting the bird fly free suggests "unlimited flight upwards to greater heights". In the context of the Trusteeship Council, it can be seen to symbolize the colonies achieving independence.

The Trusteeship Council is the main organ that was given the task of supervising the administration of 11 trust territories until they achieved self-determination. With its task having been completed in 1994, the Council decided to suspend its work and meet only when needed.

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