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Summaries of official meetings and events at UN Headquarters and overseas conferences.

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30 March 2015

Decent Jobs, Social Justice for All Hold Key to Sustainable Development, Speakers Tell Economic and Social Council as It Opens Integration Segment

With almost 200 million people in the 15 to 24 age group — a figure likely to double in the next three decades — Africa represented an opportunity as well as challenge, the President of Tanzania told...

30 March 2015

Security Council Members, in Monthly Wrap-Up, Gravely Concerned about ‘New Brand’ of Terrorism Targeting Ethnic, Religious Groups as Cross-Border Violence Spreads

The situation in the Middle East, protection of children in armed conflict and crises in Africa dominated the Council’s schedule, the Permanent Representative of France, President of the body for...

30 March 2015

Top United Nations Officials Warn Security Council of Constrained Humanitarian ‘Footprint’ for Victims of Boko Haram’s Attacks in Nigeria, Region

Unless well-targeted humanitarian assistance reached those fleeing Boko Haram’s increasingly brutal attacks, more than 3 million people in northern Nigeria would be unable to meet basic food needs in...

Press Releases

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Press releases from the main United Nations bodies, as well as offices and departments of the Secretariat.

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30 March 2015

Tenth International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action on 4 April

Beginning on Monday, 30 March, in New York and around the world, the tenth observance of the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action will begin.

30 March 2015

‘Autism Advantage’ Business Call to Action Launch on International Day of Awareness, 2 April

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will launch a Call to Action on World Autism Awareness Day, 2 April, inviting businesses to make concrete commitments to employ persons with autism.

30 March 2015

Employ ‘Enormous Potential’ of People with Autism, Secretary-General Urges in Message for World Awareness Day

Following is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s message for World Autism Awareness Day, observed on 2 April:

Press Conferences

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Transcripts and summaries of press conferences by United Nations officials and Member State delegations.

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3 March 2015

Press Conference by Security Council President on Work Programme for March

In March, the French presidency of the Security Council would focus on a broad range of issues, from peace and security on the African continent to efforts to bring about a political solution to the...

27 February 2015

Press Conference by Security Council President for February

China’s presidency of the Security Council during the “very busy” month of February was guided by the principles of objectivity, impartiality, efficiency and transparency, the country’s Permanent...

3 February 2015

Press Conference by Security Council President on Work Programme for February

Recommitment to the United Nations’ central role in international cooperation to maintain peace, along with work on a range of global situations now of concern, would be the focus of China’s February...