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Summaries of official meetings and events at UN Headquarters and overseas conferences.

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1 July 2015

Small Island Developing States Face ‘Unique’ Sustainability Challenges Requiring ‘Special’ Attention to Meet Post-2015 Agenda Goals, High-level Forum Hears

Small island developing States’ narrow resource base, remoteness and heavy dependence on volatile export markets were just part of the reason why they required “special” attention in the broader...

30 June 2015

Breaking 'Silo' Approach Key in Toppling Barriers to Merging Three Pillars of Sustainable Development, Speaker Tells High-level Political Forum

A major obstacle to the integration of the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development was a “silo” mentality among stakeholders, especially among politicians and...

30 June 2015

Peacekeeping, Children in Armed Conflict Dominate June Agenda, as Security Council Wraps Up Month

Peacekeeping, peacebuilding and children in armed conflict had been the centrepieces of the Security Council’s work over the past four weeks, said the Permanent Representative of Malaysia, President...

Press Releases

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Press releases from the main United Nations bodies, as well as offices and departments of the Secretariat.

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1 July 2015

Necessary Conditions for Successful Political Process Examined at United Nations Meeting on Israeli-Palestinian Peace

MOSCOW, 1 July — The steps that needed to be taken by all parties to implement the two-State solution, a halt to Israeli settlement activity, the plight of Arab Israelis, Palestinian reconciliation...

1 July 2015

Secretary-General Welcomes Reopening of Embassies in Havana, Washington, D.C., as Cuba, United States Restore Diplomatic Ties

The following statement was issued today by the Spokesman for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:

1 July 2015

Secretary-General Tells World Climate Summit to Scale Up Solutions, Expand Collaboration, Strike Ambitious Path towards Action-based Strategies

Following is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s message, as delivered by Janos Pasztor, Assistant Secretary-General on Climate Change, to the World Summit on Climate and Territories, in Lyon, France...

Press Conferences

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Transcripts and summaries of press conferences by United Nations officials and Member State delegations.

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1 July 2015

Two-State Solution Only Viable Way to Resolve Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Secretary-General Tells International Meeting as It Opens in Moscow

MOSCOW, 1 July — As a vicious tide of terror and extremism swept the Middle East, the international community must stay focused on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the two-State...

2 June 2015

Press Conference by Security Council President on Work Programme for June

Debates on children and armed conflict and on peacebuilding would be the highlights of the Malaysian presidency of the Security Council in June, a month that would also see several briefings and...

4 May 2015

Press Conference by Security Council President on Work Programme for May

The Security Council in May would consider the growing threats faced by journalists around the world in addition to focusing on foreign terrorist fighters, small arms and a raft of ongoing situations...