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Summaries of official meetings and events at UN Headquarters and overseas conferences.

22 May 2017

World Must Focus on Twin Task of Defeating Islamic State, Rebuilding Iraq, Says Special Representative, in Briefing to Security Council

With the liberation of Mosul imminent, the international community must maintain a dual focus on defeating the remaining Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/Da’esh) forces in Iraq, and on...

22 May 2017

Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations Grants Applications of 47 Groups for Special Status with Economic and Social Council, Defers Action on 15

Resuming its 2017 session, the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations today recommended 47 groups for special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, and...

22 May 2017

Special Envoy Calls Agreement on Syria De-escalation Zones ‘Promising Step’ amid Persistent Fighting, ISIL Threat, as He Briefs Security Council

Small but significant steps were being made in political efforts to end the conflict in Syria on the heels of an agreement on creating de-escalation zones in that country, the Secretary-General’s...

22 May 2017

World Must Move Beyond ‘Globalization of Exclusion’, UNCTAD President Says, as Economic and Social Council Opens Financing for Development Forum

Populism and xenophobia were challenging global solidarity at a moment when States should be working together to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, speakers stressed today as the Economic and...

18 May 2017

Delegates Commend Innovative Ideas on Quest for Self-Determination, as Caribbean Regional Seminar on Decolonization Concludes

KINGSTOWN, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 18 May — The Caribbean Regional Seminar on Decolonization had produced innovative ideas on a broad range of issues with a view to advancing progress...

18 May 2017

Divisive Rhetoric Could Derail Political Gains, Path to European Union Integration in Bosnia and Herzegovina, High Representative Warns Security Council

While Bosnia and Herzegovina was largely stable and had made considerable political strides, its continued progress must not be taken for granted, the senior United Nations official in the country...

Press Releases

Press releases from the main United Nations bodies, as well as offices and departments of the Secretariat.

22 May 2017

Security Council Press Statement on Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s Ballistic Missile Launch

The members of the Security Council strongly condemned the most recent ballistic missile launch conducted by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on 21 May 2017.  The members of the Security...

22 May 2017

Activities of Secretary-General in Switzerland, 17-18 May

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres arrived in Mont Pélerin, Switzerland, from Strasbourg, France, on 17 May, to attend the two-day annual seminar of his Representatives and Envoys.

22 May 2017

Activities of Secretary-General in France, 16-17 May

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres travelled from China to France, on Tuesday, 16 May.

22 May 2017

Activities of Secretary-General in China, 13-16 May

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres flew from London, United Kingdom, to Beijing, China, where he arrived on Saturday, 13 May, to attend the Belt and Road Initiative Forum on...

22 May 2017

Activities of Secretary-General in United Kingdom, 10-12 May

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres arrived in London from New York on Wednesday, 10 May, ahead of the London Somalia Conference to be held the following day.

22 May 2017

To Achieve Sustainable Development, We Must Reach More Vulnerable People, Secretary-General Tells Conference on 2030 Agenda for Fragile States

Following is the text of UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ video message to the Global Conference on the 2030 Agenda:  A Road Map for Sustainable Development Goals in Fragile and Conflict-...