Message - Prime Minister of Malaysia

The family institution is an important social unit in our society as well as in our culture. Even though Malaysia has achieved tremendous development and enjoyed a high standard of living, this achievement should not bring about the erosion of role and instability of the family institution as in some industrialised countries.

Realising that the family unit will remain as the critical source supplying the labour force for the future development of the country, the government aspires to produce quality Malaysian families of high resilience. The declaration of the 11th of November every year as National Family Day is indicative of the Government's seriousness and commitment to this concern. This date is of special significance as it also coincides with two other inportant celebrations i.e. World Peace Day and Quality Day in some countries.

It is my hope that this auspicious day will be celebrated by every family in this country in the right spirit of promoting joy and family cohesiveness. God willing, with the strengthening of stable and strong families, our country will continue to achieve greater heights in development and enjoy peace and prosperity.

Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad
Kuala Lumpur
11 November, 1990
First National Family Day


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