Introduction to CPIRC

The China Population Information and Research Center traces its origins back to the 1980s, when the Chinese Government realized the importance of population information work and made it an important component in the country's population and family plan ning programs. To initiate this work, the Government, with financial assistance from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), established the China Population Information Center (CIPC) in May 1980. Attached to the State Family Planning Commission, it w as renamed the China Population Information and Research Center (CPIRC) in 1989.

The central tasks of the Center are to carry out the population and family planning researches, especially focus the policy-counseling research on population and development, edit and publish the related publications and other types of information prod uctions, collect, package and disseminate population and family planning information, and create favorable conditions to develop education and training to make the Center gain greater achievements and train more competent personnel. The Center will also m ake full use of its research findings and professional advantages to deliver paid services to society.

At present and in a period of time, policy-counseling research should focus on the research subjects which will exert an overall, strategic and comprehensive influence on population and family planning programs, including research on the population pol icy, population projection, balanced population and socioeconomic development, management of the family planning program and the operational mechanism, and experiences from population and family planning programs in other countries. Research for the Ninth Five-year Plan period (1996-2000) will center on the mid- and long-term population program, the guiding thinking for the family planning program and the "Two transitions"* for family planning implementation, reproductive health, population and sustainabl e development.

CPIRC produces following publications: China Population Today, China Family Planning Yearbook, Population and Family Planning, Population Abstracts and China Population Data Sheet.

CPIRC consists of seven divisions, they are Director's Division, Population Information Research Division, Population Research Division, Publications Division, Library, Liaison Department and Administrative Division. It has 102 staff members and worker s, of which 65 are professionals in the fields of medicine, demography, economics, foreign languages, Chinese literature, computer science, library science and information science.

CPIRC is a leading unit of the China Population Information Network (CHINA POPIN), member of Asia and the Pacific POPIN and member of the Global POPIN. And it maintains extensive contacts and cooperation with demographic and population information circles of the world.

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