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AFPPD Information Service, No. 2, March 1997


Issue #2

March 1997

***** AFPPD Association with the South-South Partnership

    Ten developing countries have formed an exciting new alliance

to advance the aims of the Program of Action that was endorsed by 179

countries at the 1994 United Nations International Conference on

Population and Development (ICPD) held in Cairo, Egypt. From its

inception this initiative has been supported by a variety of

multilateral and bilateral agencies and by other international

institutions, particularly the United Nations Population Fund

(UNFPA), the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Bank.20

    The 10 countries that make up this new international


Bangladesh, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco,

Thailand, Tunisia and Zimbabwe.

    These 10 countries all have one important characteristic in

common. Over the past 20 years they have each been successful in

creating dynamic national family planning programs which have helped

couples to have the number of children they want, when they want


    As well, all 10 countries have strong track records in

establishing population policies, programs and services that have

also helped improve the general conditions of maternal and child

health, lower birth rates and slow rates of population growth.

    The accomplishments of all 10 Partner countries in the fields

of family planning and reproductive health reflects the vast pool of

expertise that now exists in many developing regions. Much of this

expertise has been tailored to the very specific social, cultural and

economic situations of the developing world. This means that the

Partners are ideally suited to provide effective and innovative

technical assistance responsive to the special needs of other

developing countries.

    One program in this Partnership is to involve parliamentarians

and will assist them to visit and observe population and development

programs in the participating countries.

    * The Asian Forum of Parliamentarians for Population and

Development (AFPPD) will participate in this area of the program. In

July 1997, the AFPPD, under agreement with the Rockefeller Foundation

and the UNFPA, will arrange a study tour for 15 members of parliament

from New Zealand and Australia to visit both Thailand and Vietnam.

    * Senator Prof. Dr. Prasop Ratanakorn, Secretary General of

the AFPPD, hosted a reception for the members of the Executive

Committee of the South-South Partners which met in Bangkok recently.

The reception was attended by the Ministers of Population for

Indonesia, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, the Deputy Director of the UNFPA,

MS. Kerstin Trone, the Director of Technical and Evaluation Division

for the UNFPA, Mr. S. Rao, and the Special Advisor to the UNFPA, Mr.

Jyoti Singh.

***** Parliamentarians Meeting on Water Resources Population and

Development in Kobe, Japan

    The Asian Population and Development Association (APDA), in

cooperation with the AFPPD and the city of Kobe, is organizing an

Asian Parliamentarians Meeting on Water Resources and Population in

Kobe, Japan on the 17th and 18th of March, 1997.  For further

information contact APDA at the following e-mail address:


***** AFPPD Secretary General in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

    Senator Prof. Dr. Prasop Ratanakorn visited Singapore and

Malaysia as a member of the Thai Parliamentarians delegation to those

two countries.  While there he took the opportunity to brief

parliamentarians about the AFPPD.

***** All Party Parliamentarians Group in the UK Briefed

    Mr. S. Rao, Director of Technical and Evaluation Division for

the UNFPA, and Dr. Sara Seims, Associate Director of Population

Sciences at the Rockefeller Foundation, met members of the All Party

Parliamentarians Group on Population and Development in London this

week. They spoke about population programs in general, and the

South-South Partnership in particular.



            *     is the 1997 theme of the AFPPD    *


***** National Parliamentarians Meetings

    The AFPPD will devote 1997 to strengthening national

parliamentarians groups in Asia by organizing national and

sub-regional parliamentarian meetings in India Sri Lanka, Thailand,

Malaysia, the Philippines and China on the theme of Water Resources

and Population, as well as Reproductive Health.

***** Reports Available from the AFPPD Secretariat

    Two reports are now available from the AFPPD office. They are

the following:

    The 5th General Conference of the AFPPD on Food Security,

Population and Development held September 25-27, 1996 in Canberra,



    The International Meeting of Parliamentarians on Food

Security, Population and Development held November 10-11 in Geneva,


    09 For your complimentary copy please fax our office at (66-2)

246-8827, or e-mail us at-- skhare@mozart.inet.co.th.  Please

remember to include your mailing address in your correspondence.

    09* The report of the APDA Asian Parliamentarians Meeting held

last year in Manila entitled "Women in the 21st Century- Strategy for

Prosperity and Peace" is available from APDA. There Tokyo fax number

is (81-3) 3358-2211 and there e-mail address is-- apdatyoj@gol.com


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