United Nations Population Information Network
A guide to population information on UN system web sites

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is POPIN?
POPIN refers both to the POPIN web site, available at http://www.un.org/popin/, and to the United Nations Population Information Network mandated by resolution 1979/33 of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. For more information, see the About POPIN page of the site.
Why a new POPIN?

POPIN was a pioneer on the World Wide Web. It has been reconceived and redesigned to avoid duplicating material now available on other web sites and to improve usability.

What happened to the old POPIN?
It is available via the archive section of the section of the new POPIN web site (see the link bar at the bottom of the home page).
Why are my POPIN bookmarks broken?
Two main reasons. First, in July 2001 the POPIN web site files were migrated from www.undp.org/popin/ to www.un.org/popin/. The files were left on the former location for several months, but were then removed. If you have bookmarks with including "undp", try removing the "dp". Second, in October 2001, publications of the Population Division were moved from the POPIN web site to the Population Division web site. The links to these publications on the main pages of the POPIN web site still work, but bookmarks for the publications will not work. Look for the publications you are interested in either on the POPIN site or on the Population Division site.
Where is the Multilingual Demographic Dictionary?
The 1999 draft Dictionary of Demographic and Reproductive Health Terminology is available in the POPIN Archive at www.popin.org/~unpopterms/. It has not been linked directly from the new POPIN pages because it remains a draft.
Where is the Worldwide Directory of Population Institutions?
In the POPIN Archive at www.popin.org/~unpopdir/. Please note that the directory has not been updated since December 2000.