Adolescent Fertility: Socio-Cultural Issues and Programme Implications

Ageing of Rural Populations in South-East and East Asia, Pt. 1 (April 1999)

AIDS and Agriculture in Africa: Can Agricultural Policy Make a Difference? (20 April 2000)

Anthropometric, Health and Demographic Indicators in Assessing Nutritional Status and Food Consumption (15 December 1999)

Community Forestry and Population Issues: Four Case Studies, 1998

Culture, Agriculture and Rural Development: A View from FAO's Population Programme Service (30 June 2000)

Dimensions of Need: An Atlas of Food and Agriculture

Dynamique de peuplement des zones rurales liberees de l'onchocercose. Presentation des resultats des etudes demographiques nationales (coordonnees par le CICRED)

FAO/UNFPA Expert Group Meeting on Food Production and Population Growth, Rome, 3-5 July 1996

The Feminization of Poverty: Facts, Hypotheses, and the Art of Advocacy

Fishers and Fisheries - The Population Dimensions of World Fishery Issues

Food Requirements and Population Growth (Technical Document 4, Vol. 1, World Food Summit) - Executive Summary
Food Requirements and Population Growth (Technical Document 4, Vol. 1, World Food Summit) - Full Text Version

Gender and Development: Why Do We Still Have Problems in Population Programmes After All These Years? (February 2000)

Gender and Sustainability: re-assessing linkages and issues

HIV/AIDS and Agriculture: An FAO Perspective (20 April 2000)

HIV/AIDS and the Commercial Agricultural Sector of Kenya: Impact, Vulnerability, Susceptibility and Coping Strategies (July 1999)

HIV/AIDS in Namibia: The Impact on the Livestock Sector. (February 2000)

Impact du VIH/SIDA sur les systemes d'exploitations agricoles en Afrique de l'Ouest (1997)

The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Rural Households/Communities and the Need for Multisectoral Prevention and Mitigation Strategies to Combat the Epidemic in Rural Areas (with special emphasis on Africa)

The Implications of HIV/AIDS for Rural Development Policy and Programming: Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, June 1998

Integration of Gender, Environmental, Population Education and Sustainable Development Themes Into Agricultural Education and Extension Programmes (1994)

Interactions dynamique demographique ressources naturelles - environnement en Afrique de L'Ouest et Centrale, Juin 1996

Les immigres de la vallee du fleuve Senegal en France: de nouveaux acteurs dans le developpement de leur region d'origine

Linkages Between Rural Population Ageing, Intergenerational Transfers of Land and Agricultural Production: Are They Important? Posted 18 September 1999"

Male Involvement in Reproductive Health: Incorporating Gender Throughout the Life Cycle, Occasional Paper Series No. 1, June 1998

Modules on Gender, Population & Rural Development With A Focus on Land Tenure & Farming Systems (1995)

Modules sur le genre, la population et le developpement rural avec un interet particulier pour les regimes fonciers et les systemes d'exploitation agricole (1995)

Population and Development: An Evolving Debate (1995)

Population and Deforestation (8 August 2000)

Population and Gender in Rural Societies from the Perspective of FAO's Population Programme (20 April 2000)

Population & Land Degradation (1995)

Population & Water Resources (1994)

Population Change-Natural Resources-Environment Linkages in the Arab States Region, April 1996

Population Change-Natural Resources-Environment Linkages in Central and South Asia, August 1996

Population Change-Natural Resources-Environment Linkages in the CST "East and Central Africa" Sub-region, October 1997

Population Change-Natural Resources-Environment Linkages in East and South East Asia, March 1996

Population Dynamics and the Assessment of Land Use Changes and Deforestation, Part 1 (28 May 1999)

Population Movement, Development and HIV/AIDS: Looking Towards the Future (31 May 2000)

Population, Poverty & Environment (15 December 1999)

Population, Poverty & Vulnerability: Mitigating the Effects of Natural Disasters (15 December 1999)

Potential Impacts of Sea-Level Rise on Population and Agriculture

Provision of Reproductive Health Services in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons, Issues, Challenges and the Overlooked Rural Majority (January 2000)

Report of the Workshop on Population Characteristics and Change in Costal Fishing Communities, Madras, India, 10-14 March 1997

Rural Children Living in Farm Systems Affected by HIV/AIDS, paper presented at the UNHCR Committee on the Rights of the Child, Geneva, 5 October 1998

The Rural Elderly and the Ageing of Rural Populations (Presented at the World Congress of Gerontology, Inter-Agency Meeting for the International Year of Older Persons, 1999, Adelaide, Australia, 19-22 August 1997)

Rural Women, Population & Development in Lusophone Africa: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Literature in Portuguese Language, 1991-1996

Streamlining Rural Dimensions of Gender-Population Concerns in UNFPA Planning and Programming Activities

Thematic Workshop on Population, Poverty and Environment, Rome, 26-30 October 1998
Report of the Thematic Workshop on Population, Poverty and Environment, Rome, 26-30 October 1998: Highlights
Population and Poverty: The Policy Issues, Part 1, by Geoffrey McNicoll
Population and Poverty: The Policy Issues, Part 2, by Geoffrey McNicoll
Population and Environmental Change: From Linkages to Policy Issues, by Alain Marcoux
Rural Poverty: Population Dynamics, Local Institutions and Access to Resources, by Eve Crowley and Kirsten Appendini

Transition to Sustainability in the Twenty-first Century: Meeting Food Needs (20 June 2000)

TSS Thematic Workshop on Male Involvement in Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes and Services, Rome, Italy, 9-13 November 1998

Using Agricultural Census Data for Demographic Purposes

What Can Agricultural Censuses Tell Us About Rural Population Ageing in Developing Countries

Women, Population & Environment in Agricultural & Rural Development: Policy Challenges & Responses (1994)

Women and Population Information (Sustainable Development Department (SD) of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization)

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