Addressing global challenges requires a collective and concerted effort, involving all actors. Through partnerships and alliances, and by pooling comparative advantages, we increase our chances success."
- Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General

Objectives and Structure

In accordance with the relevant sections of the agreement between the United Nations and the United Nations Foundation, Inc., as well as the earlier concept paper concerning the gift of Mr. Turner, the Secretary-General established an advisory board to assist him in his review of proposals received by UNFIP for funding by the Foundation.

Unless otherwise decided by the Secretary-General, the UNFIP Advisory Board is responsible for the following functions:

    (a) To provide broad policy guidance to the Secretary-General and monitoring of the operations and activities of UNFIP

    (b) To advise the Secretary-General in the review of project proposals, particularly with regard to the appropriateness of the projects to be proposed by the United Nations to the Foundation for funding and support, as well as the capacity and capability of the United Nations system to deliver the outputs and results proposed in such project proposals. In this regard, the Advisory Board shall:

      (i) Assist the Secretary-General in such review in the light of criteria established by the United Nations and the Foundation for approval of such project proposals, such as urgency, effectiveness, innovation, forward-looking orientation and availability of funding from other sources

      (ii) Consider unity of focus and technical compliance with United Nations aims and objectives

      (iii) Assist UNFIP in ensuring that project proposals to be funded and supported by the Foundation are in conformity with the goals, policies, aims and objectives of the United Nations, in particular with the goals and objectives of the Agenda for Development and recent United Nations global conferences, and that they take full account of programming mechanisms, such as national development plans and priorities, country strategy notes and United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks

      (iv) Ensure that project proposals to be funded and supported by the Foundation are in conformity with the orientation of the Secretary-General’s reform programme

    (c) To contribute to identifying projects and activities that are suitable to be funded and supported by the Foundation, based on new developments and factors that may arise from time to time.
The Secretary-General, having received the advice of the Advisory Board, decides on projects and activities to be proposed to the Foundation for funding and support.