Addressing global challenges requires a collective and concerted effort, involving all actors. Through partnerships and alliances, and by pooling comparative advantages, we increase our chances success."
- Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General

United Nations Fund for International Partnerships by the numbers

As at 31 December 2015, the cumulative allocations approved by the Foundation for UNFIP projects reached approximately $1.4 billion. Of that amount, $0.45 billion (about 32 per cent) comes from core Turner funds and $0.96 billion (about 68 per cent) was generated as co-financing from other partners. Since its inception, 592 projects have been implemented or are under implementation by 43 United Nations entities in 124 countries. During 2015, the Foundation approved projects totalling $46.1 million, the majority ($42.6 million) focused on global health.

Cumulative Allocations Approved by the United Nations Foundation, 1998-2015, Distributed by Implementing Partners (total: $1,406,751,972)

Thematic Distribution of Projects Approved by the United Nations Foundation, 1998-2015 (total: $1,406,751,972)