What is the UN Fund for International Partnerships?

Established by the Secretary-General in March 1998, the United Nations Fund for International Partnerships (UNFIP) serves as the interface in the partnership between the UN system and the UN Foundation - the public charity responsible for administering Ted Turner's $1 billion contribution in support of UN causes.

In 1997 Ted Turner announced a $1 billion pledge to support UN causes and set up the UN Foundation to administer the gift. In turn, the Secretary-General established UNFIP as the central interface with the UN Foundation. In making his historic contribution, Mr. Turner paved the way for other foundations to engage with the UN and in the process spurred a multiplier effect that has enabled the Office for Partnerships and the UN to attract and foster additional partnerships.

Through UNFIP, funds mobilised by the UN Foundation are channelled to the UN system, for implementation of projects focused on Children’s Health, Women and Population, Environment, and Peace, Security and Human Rights. To date over US $1 billion has been programmed for 450 projects implemented by 39 United Nations entities in 123 countries.