Addressing global challenges requires a collective and concerted effort, involving all actors. Through partnerships and alliances, and by pooling comparative advantages, we increase our chances success."
- Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General

Clean Water

  • At present, more than one billion people have to travel a significant distance from their homes in order to collect clean water. (UNESCO-Nestle Panel on Water)
  • 2.4 billion people live without access to basic sanitation (UNESCO-Nestle Panel on Water)
  • As a direct result, 3,800 children die everyday from waterborne diseases (“fast facts: the faces of poverty”)
  • Growing populations and higher standards of living, combined with effects of climate change, mean more than a billion people in Asia will likely to be short of fresh water by 2015 (Agence France Presse, 30 April, based on findings from the IPCC report)