Shari Klugman

Chief of Administration

Ms. Klugman assumed the post of Chief of Administration effective May 2007 and is responsible for the financial oversight of the UNF/UNFIP and UNDEF projects, as well as the administration of the UN Office for Partnerships. In this capacity, she coordinates with UN Departments, Agencies, Funds, Programmes and external Foundations in the development of relevant policies, procedures, and administrative frameworks required to support operations.

Ms. Klugman brings considerable experience in the field of administration and financial management having served in the UN system since 1990. For the past six years, Ms. Klugman has served in the Department of Peackeeping Operations, most recently as the Senior Administration Officer of Personnel providing Human Resources Management support to peace operations around the world. Prior to that, she served as the Deputy Chief of Finance, overseeing the budget and financial management of peace operations. From 1995-2001, Ms. Klugman led the efforts of designing and implementing the UN Payroll system of the IMIS (Integrated Management Information System) project. Ms. Klugman started her career in the United Nations office in Geneva, Switzerland, as the Deputy Chief of the Payroll Section, and then was appointed as Chief of the Section.

Ms. Klugman joined the United Nations in 1990 after being selected through the National Competitive Exam (NCE), in Finance.

Prior to her service in the United Nations, Ms. Klugman held various positions in both the profit & non-profit sectors.

Ms. Klugman holds a Bachelors of Arts from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and a Masters degree in Business Management from Ben-Gurion/Boston University.