Addressing global challenges requires a collective and concerted effort, involving all actors. Through partnerships and alliances, and by pooling comparative advantages, we increase our chances success."
- Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General

Ted Turner's UN Foundation delivers billion dollars to UN causes

11 October 2006

Last night, 10 October 2006, at the annual dinner of the United Nations Association-USA, the Secretary-General announcedthat the United Nations Foundation ( recently delivered the one billionth dollar to UN causes. "Over the last eight-and-a-half years, Ted Turner has donated $600 million of his own money, and spurred partners into contributing another $400 million to our work." And the Secretary-General added that the work and Turner's commitment are by no means done.

The UN Foundation intends to use the remaining $400 million of Turner’s gift to leverage another $1 billion in support of UN causes over the coming years.

While Turner's gift was a tremendous financial boost for the Organization, it has also helped the UN to change - to become a partnership organization, something that has been a top priority of the Secretary-General.

The UN Fund for International Partnerships (UNFIP) ( - the UN office set up in 1998 as the Foundation's counterpart to facilitate its work within the UN system - has brought together representatives of corporations, foundations, civil society and academia to work together with the UN for the common purpose of assisting those less fortunate around the world. The success of this partnership has resulted in a huge growth in enquires from the private sector and from foundations interested in working with the United Nations.

Turner stated (speech) that one of the great legacies of Kofi Annan's tenure is "his efforts to transform the United Nations into a partnership organization." He credited the Secretary-General with understanding that "in an interconnected global economy, we all have a stake – moral and material – in peace and security."