Addressing global challenges requires a collective and concerted effort, involving all actors. Through partnerships and alliances, and by pooling comparative advantages, we increase our chances success."
- Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General

Science Panel Outlines Roadmap for Reducing Risks from Climate Change

27 February 2007

Today, The United Nations Foundation (UN Foundation) and Sigma Xi, the Scientific Expert Group on Climate Change and Sustainable Development presented their final report entitled: "Confronting Climate Change: Avoiding the Unmanageable and Managing the Unavoidable" to the United Nations. Prepared as input for the upcoming meeting of the UN's Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), the report outlines a roadmap for preventing unmanageable climate changes and adapting to the degree of change that can no longer be avoided. It is the result of a two-year study performed by 18 individuals representing 11 nations, and offers an overview of the science of climate change; the importance of avoiding the risk of major impacts of climate change; options for mitigation; and steps that can be taken to prepare to adapt to anticipated climate change. For more information, Click here.