Meeting the world's challenges cannot begin or be sustained without cooperation and support from all who have a stake in the benefits of development. Companies have an economic interest but also face increasingly heightened expectations from workers and consumers regarding their involvement in health, social, and environmental issues. Foundations, civil society, and individuals can mobilize behind United Nations projects seeking to meet the immediate basic needs of people and in turn create a multiplier effect on the resources made available to these projects.

The programs that our partners co-finance, advance creative approaches to complex, worldwide challenges, all of which affect the global economy and human condition. The United Nations Foundation is here to help make the United Nations more accessible so that you can easily support its causes. A variety of options are available to partners that wish to work with the UN. Collaborations range from global multi-stakeholder, multi-issue initiatives to local projects between two partners. They can be short-term humanitarian projects or long-term development programmes.

Some partnerships take a holistic approach to social, environmental and economic issues, while others focus on specific topics or areas. Strategic global partnerships of multiple stakeholders have the potential to create broad and sustainable progress over time by working simultaneously on different activities, such as advocacy, leveraging funds, and harnessing private sector and civil society expertise.

Partners can engage with the United Nations to:

  • Participate in political dialogues;
  • Share best practices and lessons learned with UN entities;
  • Serve as an advocate for UN causes;
  • Help design innovative projects;
  • Fund existing UN projects;
  • Bring on board new partners