Thematic Financing

Since inception, the UN Foundation has contributed a total of $1.028 billion in grants to the United Nations through UNFIP. The contributions have been provided to fund 413 projects in 123 countries implemented by 39 UN agencies. The UN Foundation is working to leverage another $1 billion for UN causes within the next few years.

Area of Development Contribution in USD Number of Projects
Environment 166,007,529 135
Women and Population 135,841,590 94
Peace, Security and Human Rights 49,485,198 58
Strategic Initiatives 63,086,064 54
Children's Health 613,985,818 72
Total 1,028,406,198 413


One important element of Ted Turner's vision was his hope that others would be encouraged by his example to contribute to UN causes and to work through the UN. Within the $1.028 billion, a total of $593 million has been donated by co-financing partners to the UN Foundation to supplement Ted Turner's contribution to the UN. These partners have joined to solve global problems for the good of humanity, and occasionally, to deal with urgent needs in connection with natural disasters.

Parallel Financing

Many funding partners find ways of contributing to the same activities, but under different modalities. One feature of partnerships is that people and organizations come together because they complement each other, and they bring value added to the table. Very often, one example shows the way for others that have other considerations and modalities for supporting UN causes. The UN itself may be capable of mobilizing resources because it can show results in projects funded by the UN Foundation. Other donors and resource mobilization efforts have yielded a total of $335 million from other sources besides the UN Foundation in support of UN programmes and projects; this is in addition to the $1.028 billion.