Employment Opportunities with the United Nations

The United Nations appreciates your interest in working to meet the many pressing global challenges. While the role of the United Nations has grown to include every aspect of human development and conflict management, the number of available posts within the UN system remains limited. Often the applications received from around the world are from highly qualified individuals holding Masters and PHD level degrees with several years experience in their area of expertise, as such, recruitment is extremely competitive. We encourage you to diversify your search for opportunities to serve the world community by consulting the links provided below.

Official Website locator for the United Nations System of Organizations

This site serves as a portal to over 100 web sites of the United Nations, its funds and programmes, and specialized agencies. These international organizations cover virtually every humanitarian, economic, political and legal field and will assist you in your search for employment within the United Nations System. Since recruitment is decentralized, you are encouraged to apply with the respective organization directly. The site also includes links to key projects and initiatives and to various joint programmes of the UN System. http://www.unsystem.org/

United Nations Secretariat

Should you have a specific interest in the UN Secretariat which carries out the day-to-day work of the Organization and is headed by the Secretary-General, application to a specific vacancy is a necessary condition for consideration. http://myun.un.org/Galaxy/Release3/Login/login.aspx

United Nations Peacekeeping Missions

Peacekeeping operations offer a full range of options including civilian administration, political affairs, human rights, humanitarian relief and legal and judicial affairs. http://myun.un.org/Galaxy/Release3/Vacancy/FM/VacancyFM.aspx?long=1200

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

Relief Web, which is an OCHA project, is acknowledged as the premier online source of information on natural disasters and complex emergencies; it also provides a listing of humanitarian related vacancies in troubled spots around the world. http://www.reliefweb.int

Associate Expert Programme

The programme is sponsored by 21 participating donor governments and one international organization. These Governments give young professionals an opportunity to acquire professional experience in the technical cooperation of the United Nations by sponsoring their experience. Occasionally, a participating donor may sponsor a small number of developing country nationals. http://www.unpan.org/associatexpert-prog.asp

National Competitive Examination

For employment in the UN Secretariat, entry level professionals are recruited through National Competitive Recruitment Examinations. The examinations are organized according to nationalities that are under-represented among the staff of the Secretariat and are administered in a number of occupational groups. http://www.un.org/Depts/OHRM/examin/exam.htm


You can serve as volunteer specialist and field worker in 140 developing countries. http://www.unv.org The United Nations Information Technology Service (UNITeS) is another global volunteer initiative to help bridge the digital divide. http://www.unites.org

Internship Programme at Headquarters

Graduate and post-graduate students from diverse academic backgrounds are assigned to United Nations offices for a period of 3 months. http://www.un.org/Depts/OHRM/sds/internsh/index.htm

Please note that your application has a better chance of being considered if it is submitted in connection with an advertised vacancy and follows the recruitment guidelines of the respective organization.

Employment Opportunities with NGOs, Foundations and the Private Secotor

The challenges facing the world today, such as the spread of contagious diseases, degradation of the environment or terrorism, are too vast and too complex to be addressed solely by the United Nations and its Member States. Not only governments have a responsibility to take action towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Private sector, foundations, civil society, NGOs and individuals can and must contribute as well to convene a life in larger freedom for all. We encourage you to search for opportunities to get involved outside the UN system.

Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs)

BOND - British Overseas NGOs for Development

This initiative provides a central point for advocacy on issues on which member organizations have a common view and would benefit from having a common voice. BOND focuses its advocacy work on government-civil society relations. The Classifieds section of the website is updated every few days, and includes jobs in international development, training, office space and volunteering opportunities. http://www.bond.org.uk/classifieds/index.html

Eldis – Gateway to Development Information

The internet based information service filters, structures and presents development information via the web and email. Focus is put on materials which are of strategic, policy or practical interest for development practitioners based in both the North and South. Vacancies and resources for jobs in development, environmental protection, international organizations, consulting firms, and other opportunities are listed. http://www.eldis.org/go/jobs


As a global resource for non-profit and philanthropy professionals it provides job opportunities at some of the leading companies and organizations in the non-profit sector. http://www.dotorgjobs.com

One World

Should you be looking for jobs in human rights, environmental protection, and sustainable development this network of several hundred partner organizations that provide aid around the world, take a look at this website. http://www.oneworld.net/jobs/


Council of Foundations

The Council on Foundations, a membership organization for grantmakers, offers a wealth of information for and about foundations. Many job vacancies are posted on the website. http://www.cof.org/Jobs/SearchJobs.cfm

European Foundation Center (EFC)

As an independent international association, EFC is the gathering point for independent funders active in and with Europe. Foundations and corporate citizens from all over Europe and the world are members and partners of the EFC, which promotes and underpins their work. Job opportunities with EFC can be viewed on this website. http://www.efc.be/agenda/default.asp?wgo=Job

The Foundation Center

The Job Corner provides listings of current full-time job openings at U.S.-based foundations, grantmaking public charities, corporate grantmaking programs, and nonprofit organizations. http://fdncenter.org/pnd/jobs/

Private Sector

Center for Corporate Citizenship

The Center engages with companies to redefine business success as creating measurable gains for business and society. The Center achieves results through the power of research, education and member engagement. Job vacancies can be viewed on this website. http://www.bcccc.net/index.cfm?pageId=2020

International Chamber of Commerce

ICC is the voice of world business championing the global economy as a force for economic growth, job creation and prosperity. Job opportunities at the Chamber are displayed on this website. http://www.iccwbo.org/id2614/index.html

US Chamber of Commerce

As the world's largest not-for-profit business federation the Chamber represents 3,000,000 businesses. The goal is to advance human progress through an economic, political and social system based on individual freedom, incentive, initiative, opportunity, and responsibility. http://www.uschamber.com/careers/default


Please note that this page contains only a partial selection of the extensive possibilities to get engaged with NGOs, Foundations, and the Private Sector.


This page was created by the United Nations Office for Partnerships (www.un.org/partnerships) and updated in March 2009 by Elena Bertusi and Tina Werner.