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United Nations telephone numbers

When telephoning from outside New York City, you must dial 1 first, then the area code (212) then the seven-digit number.

Because of renovations on UN premises, some of these numbers may have changed.

Office Phone Email/Website
Bookshop 212-963-7680
(toll-free from USA & Canada) 800-553-3210
Cashier's Office, UN 212-963-5810
Cashier's Office, UNDP 212-906-5683
Cashier's Office, UNICEF 212-824-6281
Clubs (Staff Recreation Council) 212-963-0331
Garage Administration 212-963-6212
Gift Shop 212-963-7700
Grounds Passes 212-963-7533
Guided Tours Information 212-963-4475 http://visit.un.org/
Income Tax Unit 212-963-2949
Insurance (ASHI) 212-963-5811 http://www.un.org/insurance/retirees-survivors
(Inquiries in person 1-5pm) Email to ids@un.org   or
call following numbers according to the first letter of your last name:
A, C, K, L, M  963-7292
B, D-G, N       963-0310
O - Z              963-7431
Language Courses (free for Retirees) 917-367-2623
Library 212-963-3000
Lost & Found 212-963-7533
Medical Service 212-963-7090
NGO Resource Center212-963-7234
Ombudsman (UN)917-367-5731
Ombudsman (UNDP)646-781-4083
Pension Fund
(Inquiries in person 9:30am-5pm)
UNJSPF videos on YouTube
Public Inquiries212-963-4475
Security & Safety212-963-6666
Staff Unions & Associations
UN Staff Committee212-963-7075
UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS Staff Assns.212-906-5096
UNISERV (UNDP, UNFPA, UN Women, UNSU, FSU)212-906-5096 / 5018
Fighting fraud in today’s digital world
UN Women's Guild212-687-5415www.unwg.org
World Federation of UN Associations (WFUNA)212-963-5610www.wfuna.org
* Health and Life Insurance website at www.un.org/insurance
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