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UN Videos - Take Action to Promote the UN
    Our AFICS/NY Committee on Information and NGO Relations has come up with some creative actions you can take to promote the work of the United Nations and its agencies. Here is one of them:

Follow UN meetings of interest and UN-supported activities without leaving home. Information on a variety of topics that may be of concern to you and your community can be found on line right in your own living room.

Visit http://www.unmultimedia.org/tv/webcast/2011 and then click on “Parent Directory.” You will find a VIDEO ON-DEMAND search box. Type into it “www.un.org/webcast” and you will find a list of videos and radio programs on numerous topics, ranging from Solar Energy and Climate Change to Humanitarian Relief in Haiti and Rescue and Rehabilitation in Japan. Click on subjects that interest you for information to use when you are called upon to speak at UNA or civic association meetings, or to promote the UN through other means. The short videos and radio spots are very professionally produced and can help you in your efforts to prove to others that the United Nations is doing great work throughout the world.

Click here for Word document of above information: Take Action to Promote the UN