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AFICS/NY encourages you to become Lifetime Members.
Annual and Lifetime Membership rates for January 2015.

Members who pay their dues annually are reminded that the dues are payable on or before 31 January of each year.
The Annual membership fee for 2015 is $45 (or $25 for an Associate Member).
The Life memberhip fee for 2014 is $400 (or $200 for an Associate Member who must be a Life/Annual member of another UN retiree association).

To join AFICS/NY, please complete the Application Form (MS-Word) and send it to us with your cheque or money order.

Click here to download form for 2015 annual dues, previous years and new Life membership.

For information regarding all health insurancce matters, visit the ASHI website.

Medicare B: Annual Reimbursement Request Form for Medicare B for 2014

If your contribution has been the standard amount of US$104.90, you do NOT need to fill a new form.

If you pay any other amount, you are required to complete a form every year.  See link for details:

Background information from the UN Health Insurance Unit:  In mid-January 2011, the UN Health Insurance Unit mailed a packet of information containing an Information Circular and other documents to United Nations retirees living in the US to announce changes in ASHI coverage. Click on the documents below for exact information.

- E-mail sent to some retirees in mid-January: Medicare Email-14-1-2011.doc
- UN IC/2011/3: IC Medicare Part B 2011.pdf
- Essential Information and Annex 1: Medicare Part B 2011 Notice.pdf
- Annex 2: Frequently Asked Questions: Medicare FAQS.pdf
- Annex 3: Medicare Part B Reimbursement Request Form: Medicare Part B Reimbursement Request Form.pdf
- Annex 4: Declaration of Medicare Part B Ineligibility:Declaration of Medicare Part B Ineligibility.pdf
- Annex 5: Medicare Part B Enrolment Form:Medicare Part B Enrolment Form

Background information from AFICS: Medicare-PartB-Announcement-2-Dec-2010.doc
         ASHI Incorporates Medicare-PartB-Announcement-January 31, 2011

ASHI-Changes to After-Service Health Insurance Plans are in the Summer Bulletin.

Please refer to http://www.un.org/Depts/oppba/accounts/insurance/medicare/medicare.htm

Also refer to
the ASHI website.
Information About Utilizing The Virginia Hazzard Legacy Fund from the Conference of NGOS (CoNGO)
Click here for information: Utilizing The Virginia Hazzard Legacy Fund

URGENT- AFICS needs your Email address changes/updates
AFICS asks members to send your latest changes to your Email addresses to afics@un.org
In the future we we will increasingly be notifying you by email.