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Important Information from UN Insurance Unit for Retirees on EBCBS Plan (also refer to UN Insurance Unit website).

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2013-2014 now available!

Meeting between RSG for Investments of the Pension Fund and AFICS/NY Board Members, 28 October 2014

- Note on new RSG
Letter from AFICS/NY President


Lates Update on Pension Fund's Long Term Situation and Other Key Topics.

Important Message Concerning your Pension Fund

sent this Open Letter from CEO and attachment to all retirees for whom they have an email address.  The information is also posted on the UNJSPF website. AFICS/NY is making these documents available on this website in case they have not reached you.  On the same topic, see FAFICS Message to FAFICS Members Associations.

Obama Affordable Care Act (ACA):  we have had some inquiries about the possible impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, on UN After-Service health plan benefits.  Please be assured that there should be no impact on any UN retiree, dependant or survivor who is covered by a UN After-Service Health Insurance plan because it is unlikely that those mandated by the ACA would provide better coverage. The UN plans are not affected by the new legislation and will continue to be available to the retirees who participate in them.  Lastly, you are reminded that you should not sign up for Medicare D (the prescription drug plan) because, again, the provisions of the UN plans are better.

Retirees with Medicare B who pay the standard amount of $104.90 starting 1 January 2014 DO NOT NEED to submit a reimbursement form. If you pay a different amount, you MUST submit the form for reimbursement. Click at the bottom of the column on the left - Latest News,  Medicare B, Annex 3 for form.
Don't forget to sign up for Medicare B if you are eligible when you turn 65. Click on Documents for practical information about Medicare B when turning 65.

For information regarding all health insurancce matters, visit the ASHI website.

Tax Assistance - Experts available to assist you.
Click on US Tax Booklet to download latest list

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Volunteer Survey - 2012
The Association of Former International Civil Servants in New York (AFICS/NY) was established at United Nations Headquarters in New York in 1970.

The mission of AFICS/NY is to support and promote the purposes principles and programmes of the United Nations organizations; to advise and assist former international civil servants and those about to separate from service; to represent the interests of its members within the system; to foster social and personal relationships among members, to promote their well being and to encourage mutual support of individual members. For membership eligibility click on By-Laws.

Membership Application Form (MS-Word)

On the proposal of the Governing Board, honorary membership of the Association may be granted, by the Assembly, to individuals who have rendered meritorious service to the Association or to the United Nations system.

A member may resign from the Association effective at the end of a calendar year by submitting a written communication to that effect.

FAFICS is a Federation of 52 member Associations of Former International Civil Servants of organizations and agencies of the United Nations system located in all regions of the world. The Federation was established in 1975 and has offices at the UN Headquarters in Geneva and New York.

Visit the FAFICS website http://www.fafics.org/