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Practical information on Medicare Part B For ASHI Participants turning 65.

Practical Information on Medicare Part B For ASHI Participants 22 August 2012 (MS-Word)

PowerPoint Presentation for UNJSPF Investments from the 2012 Annual Assembly (two parts).
UNJSPF_Presentation_to_AFICS_1_of_2 (Part 1) (MS-Powerpoint)

UNJSPF_Presentation_to_AFICS_2_of_2 (Part 2) (MS-Powerpoint)

PDF document for Overview of UNHQ Health Insurance Programmes from the 2012 Annual Assembly.
Bul_-_Summer_-_ASHI_2012_AFICS_presentation.pdf (PDF)


World Water Day - March 2012.doc (MS-Word)

Membership Incentive: Conversion to Lifetime Membership letter(MS-Word)

Full text of Addresses to the Annual Assembly-2 June 2011 (MS-Word)

Today's Journal of the United Nations (PDF)
UN News
Membership Application Form (MS-Word)
Membership Application Form (PDF)
List of Seminars and Programmes (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (Before and after Death) (PDF)
Information on US Social Security (PDF)
Tax Booklet (RTF)

UN Clubs open to Retirees (MS-Word)

Flyer:The Interpreters – A Historical Perspective, 2:00 pm, Wednesday, 17 October 2012 (MS-Word)

Performance of Play by UN Staff Member to Commemorate 50th Anniversary of Dag Hammarskj÷ld’s Death (MS-Word)