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Standing Committees

AFICS/NY has its offices in New York and has members in more than 102 countries. Its standing committees look after the interests of its members, organizing activities for their benefit, and undertake advocacy for the UN system, in the following areas:

Committee AFICS in Action
Pension Follows, and keeps members informed of, issues relating to pensions that might affect pensioners and their families. Participates, through FAFICS, in meetings of the UN Joint Staff Pension Board.
Insurance Monitors the UN After-Service Health and Life Insurance schemes, seeks to improve benefits where possible and keeps members informed of related matters such as Long-Term Care insurance.
Social events Organizes luncheons and other gatherings, often with expert speakers on topics of current interest.
Ageing &
Provides information on services and issues of interest to older persons and arranges dialogues with experts at seminars and workshops.
Outreach Provides urgent temporary help to AFICS/NY members who, directly or indirectly, request support for medical or other emergencies when no relatives or close friends are readily available.
Legal Alerts members to legal issues which may affect them.
Membership Prepares the biennial Directory of Members and invites retirees, and staff about to retire, to join AFICS/NY and participate in its activities.
NGO/Information Encourages members to support and participate in the substantive activities of the UN system by their writing, public speaking, NGO involvement, etc.
Reviews office IT needs, making recommendations for improvements. Provides training/guidance to staff as needed.

Services Available To Members
Advice Members are invited to raise problems with the President or the Office, whether of an individual or general nature, for informal advice based on the experience of other members.
Annual Meetings The Assembly of the Association’s members meets each May in New York to review activities, set priorities, approve the financial report and elect members of the Governing Board. The Board and each committee usually meet once a month. Luncheons are organized three times each year in New York.
Publications Members receive four AFICS/NY Bulletins each year and a Directory of Members and their addresses every second year.
Discounts In the UN Bookshop and Gift Centre, in a number of restaurants, and through UNFCU, in legal and accounting services for preparation of wills, income taxes, and in estate planning.
Social events Organizes luncheons and other gatherings, often with expert speakers on topics of current interest.
Health Services Provides care, such as free flu shot immunization and pneumonia vaccine through the UN Medical Services Division.