International Migration and Development

UN General Assembly takes up issue of migration, 14-15 September in New York

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"We are only beginning to learn how to make migration work more consistently for development. Each of us holds a piece of the migration puzzle, but none has the whole picture. It is time to start putting it together. We have a unique opportunity to do this by identifying, assessing, and sharing the many experiments in managing migration now being tried around the world. And since migration is a global phenomenon-which occurs not only between pairs of countries or within regions, but from almost every corner of the world to every other-it requires our collective attention.

I am confident that September's High-Level Dialogue will be remembered as the moment when cooperation on this vital matter attained a new level." UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, June 2006

This year, the UN General Assembly convenes an unprecedented two-day discussion of matters relating to migration, development and cooperation among governments. In advance of the meeting, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan issued a major report on migration and development, and appointed Peter Sutherland (chairman of British Petroleum, former head of the WTO) as his special representative on the issue.

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