The United Nations currently offers Member States technical assistance in connection with a range of legal matters. Such assistance includes the provision of advice, expertise, research, analysis, training or other assistance in connection with, inter alia:

  • Completion of necessary treaty formalities in relation to becoming party to a treaty;
  • Preparation of national legislation and drafting or reviewing of national laws aimed at ensuring compliance with international legal obligations or implementing United Nations model laws;
  • Drafting of non-legislative texts (such as arbitration rules) based on United Nations texts; and
  • Increasing familiarity with and appreciation of international law.

Current technical assistance programmes are undertaken in accordance with the mandate of each respective department, office, agency, fund or programme and within the existing financial resources allocated for such purposes under their respective programme budgets.

This site is maintained by the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs. The responsibility for the information on web sites linked from this site rests with the respective department, office, agency, fund or programme.

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Please note that the Legal Technical Assistance Website, which is maintained by the Office of Legal Affairs, is still under development.

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