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In Islamic Republic of Iran,the National prep.Committee for WSSD has prepared a list of projects which have been implemented by governmental sectors. the outstanding project of the country has been implemented by Management and planing Organization and governmental bodies have selected this project to introduce to the Secretariat of WSSD within this context :

“Poverty alleviation scheme”
The Management and planning organization in collaboration with other sectors will be implemented the project from 2002 to 2009. This project is focused on chapter 3 of Agenda 21. The objectives and targets of the project are as follows:
  1. Creating and providing employment for unemployed and poor people
  2. Enabling of low-income groups and poor people in society by strengthening and developing human resource
  3. To integrate combating poverty policy and development programmes
  4. Subsidy targeting in order to provide finance resources
  5. Strengthening and developing active NGOs to eradicate poverty
  6. To provide primary education and accommodation for poor children.

The outcomes of the project will be as follows:

  1. To provide the least livelihood for poor people
  2. To make provision reputation automatically from public budget for implementing this project.

Dr. Nasser Moharamnejad Advisor
Head of the Department of the Environment /
Secretary of the National Committee on Sustainable Development

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