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Romania National Preparations

In preparation for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, the Government of Romania made the decision to evaluate its actions toward long - term development by organizing a National Conference on "Assessment in SD for Rio + 10." This decision was made following the resolution of the International Forum for SD held in April 2000 in New York.

The Conference was organized by the the Ministry of Waters and Environmental Protection (the institution designated by the Government to coordinate and monitor all SD oriented activities), in collaboration with the National Center for Sustainable Development and the Earth Council. Participation to the Conference was very large, and covered all the institutions involved in SD implementation in Romania such as: Ministries of Territorial Planning and Public Works, Foreign Affairs, National Defense, Internal Affairs, Health, Labor and Social Protection, and Public Function. Other bodies such as the National Agency for Regional Development, Chamber of Trade and Industry, Mayoralties, and Media also attended the event. Detailed results are presented in the Conference Report.

The Conference agreed upon the following preparatory activities for the World Summit:
  • The Summit for "Environment and Sustainable Development in Carpatho-Danubian Region" to be held in Bucharest from 29 - 30 April 2001
  • A Task Force Group, composed of the representatives of ministries and civil society, to be established in order to i) prepare the Regional CEE Conference "Assessment in Sustainable Development for Rio + 10" to be held in Bucharest by the end of June 2001, and ii) assess and monitor all SD related activities in order to prepare the final National Report for the World Summit
  • The "four initiatives" proposed by the Summit Secretariat to ensure greater participation of all partners will also be launched by the Ministry of Waters and Environmental Protection in the field of SD:

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