Report of the Armenian National "101 Ways" Competition


of the Association "For Sustainable Human Development"
on the organisation of journalist competition in Armenia in the frames of

Association "For Sustainable Human Development" within the competition "101 WAY TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT" has organized the national competition for the journalists, elucidating in mass-media the problems of SD/Agenda 21 in Armenia.

For this reason was formed the jury consisting of: Astghik Gevorgyan, head of jury (Journalists' Union of Armenia), Julietta Martirossian (Journalists' Union of Armenia), Gevorg Arakelyan (Association "For Sustainable Human Development"), Ashot Kocharyan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Anahit Simonyan (UN representatative office in Armenia).

On the base of analysis of journalists' publications during 1992-2001 jury awarded the following prizes to:

for series of articles, comprehensively elucidating the SD problems

    Julia Kuleshova (publications in the "Delovoy express" weekly (Business Express), the Grand Prix,

    Naira Manucharova (publications in the "Novoe vremja" and "Dami i gospoda" weeklies),

    Ida Karapetyan (publications in the "Urartu" and "Ether" weeklies),

    Rafik Ohannissian (publications in the "Azg" newsletter)

for series of radio-broadcasts on SD

    Susanna Pogossian ("Haik" radio program)

for series of radio-broadcasts on SD for the youth

    Anahit Hovannissian ("Serund" radio program)

for adherence to the ecological/SD topics

    Margo Gukasyan (publications in the "Garun" magazine, author's editions, etc.)

for the professional audacity in elucidating the ecological/SD problems

    Arthur Hovannissian (publications in the "Hajotz ashkhar" and "Erkir" newsletters)

for the assertion of spiritual wealth priority for SD

    Arpen Movsissian ("Shrjadarz" TV program, public television)

The prize-winners got the prizes and certificates on behalf of National Assembly Commission on Social, Health and Nature protection issues, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UN Department of Public Information, Journalists' Union of Armenia and Association "For Sustainable Human Development".

The above mentioned event was sponsored by UNDPI, Earth Council, Enterprizes "Garun" and "Grand-Kandy".

Karine Danielyan
Association "For Sustainable Human Development".

Winning Entries