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Korea's Children's Poster Competition

REPUBLIC OF KOREA The Korean Ministry of Environment administered a nationwide contest on the World Environment Day, June 5, 2001. A total of 52 essays and 71 posters were awarded by a panel of judges, from which the best five were chosen for a submission to the United Nations. All the awarded pieces were compiled into a brochure and distributed to major public institutions and schools. The contest raised people's awareness of sustainable development and effectively educated younger generations on the importance of environmental protection. At the same time, it helped make environmental consideration an integral part of human behavior, from consumption to policymaking.


Name: Hyun-Min Choi   [ Winning Entry ]
School: Un-Joo Elementary School, 5th grade
Name: Dan-Bi Lee   [Winning Entry ]
School: Dong-Dae-Jun Elementary School, 2nd grade
Subject: .

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