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Italy's Children's Poster Competition

The Government of Italy, through its Department for Sustainable Development, Division for Integrated Strategies fo the Ministry of the Environment and Land, carried out the Children's Agenda 21 Poster Competition in the context of the nation-wide project on "Sustainable Cities for girls and boys". The network of local "laboratories" for environmental education was also involved. Drawings were selected by the Department with the support of the "Instituto degli Innocenti" of Florence, which was committed in the activities related to the national project. "The Road to Johannesburg" is of the IV Circolo di Barcellona: in Messina, Sicily.


Name: Angela Scardigli, Debora Patriciello, Adele Malfatti and Chiara Gualandi  [ Winning Entry ]
Age Group:
School: Via dei Pensieri, Livorno, Tuscany
Subject: "Not Environmental" development is a difficult and serious problem for our planet. Thinking that, time after time, our environment can no more support this situation, we imagine a "Melting" world, because it has come to the end of its endurance.
Name Group Alice Genovesi, Valerie Nuti, Gianna Padett, Maria Bonfrisco   [ Winning Entry ]
School: Via dei Pensieri, Livorni, Tuscany
Subject: The use of aeolic energy will rescue forests. Industries will turn out white smoke that will not pollute.

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