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China's Children's Poster Competition

The National Judge Commission for the Chinese Children's Agenda 21 Poster Competition selected two winner posters out of the 5,000 locally selected posters submitted to the Beijing for the National Competition. There were 150,000 primary school children in the 15 sub competition regions around China including Hong Kong involved in the poster competition. These children's drawings captured their sustainable development aspirations, concerns and their understanding of Agenda 21 objectives.

One poster named "Green Earth is My Home" was painted by a 5 years old child from Xing Jiang Uiger Autonomous Region, northwest China. The other one is "Treasure Our Home Garden" from the hands of an 11 years old student in the Hubei Province, central part of China.


Name: Zilong Liang   [ Winning Entry ]
Age: 5
School: Children's Palace of Urumqi, Zing Jiang Uigur Autonomous Region, Northwest China
Statement: Children around the world are planting trees together. Trees are our friends. They protect animals and human beings. Hopefully we will live with green trees forever.
Name: Yiwei Li   [Winning Entry]
Age: 11
School: Children's Palace of Wuhan City, Hubei Province, central part of China
Subject: Cherish Our Home. Blue sky, white clouds, green trees and lovely birds are all in our beautiful home. Human beings are neither their owners nor their slaves. We need each other, help each other and form a harmonious circle creating a green world to protect our home.

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