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National Assessment Reports
(collected by the Earth Council)
2002 Country Profiles

Many Member States have convened their own National Preparatory Committees to review their successes and the challenges they face in achieving sustainable development, and to contribute their views to the assessment of progress. National Preparatory Committees are expected to involve representatives of government, local authorities, professional associations, major groups, media and other partners, including local offices of relevant UN Organizations. National Preparatory Committees are expected to engage in two primary functions:

(i) undertake national reviews/ assessments, and

(ii) raise awareness and mobilize stakeholders at the national and local levels.

Click here for the National Reporting Guidelines.

In countries where they exist, the National Councils for Sustainable Development (NCSD) are also expected to be a key preparation mechanism, particularly in terms of conducting broad-based stakeholder consultations. The NCSD Network has launched a series of national and regional consultations involving both governments and multi-stakeholder groups.

The national preparatory process will also include a series of independent stakeholder consultations with a wide spectrum of civil society actors.

The UN is assisting with the preparation of national assessments and country profiles, which are being used to help guide discussions leading up to and during the Summit. For more information about country profiles, click here.

For more information on national preparations in specific countries, please refer to the list of available national sustainable development Focal Points.

National Assessment Reports  received so far.

National Assessment Reports  collected by the Earth Council.

2002 Country Profiles processed so far.

The UN has also invited countries to launch a range of initiatives to increase public awareness of sustainable development issues. These include a competition for children to design Agenda 21 posters, an essay contest on visions for sustainable development and a process to develop "101 ways to promote sustainable development".

In addition, it is planned to organize a special multi-stakeholder dialogue segment during the Summit Event, where countries would announce their National Progressions and hear in return the particular sustainable development commitments other stakeholder groups have made for the next phase of Agenda 21 implementation.

The Secretariat has asked countries to update them on their progress with these initiatives. Click here for more information.

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