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Joahannesburg Summit 2002
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Nagaland (India) Children's Poster Competition

Nagaland is a Hill State in the North Eastern part of India. The State has been facing a serious problem of deforestation and other environmental issues, along with related socio - economic problems. However, the people and the Government are much more aware of SD issues than ever before. Nagaland has a number of NGOs who are active on the environmental front. In 2000 the State observed the Year of the Tree with a view to launching a movement to plant trees and overcome the devastating effects of deforestation. In addition, greater emphasis is being laid on preserving bio-diversity through sustainable development. The Nagaland Environmental Protection and Economic Development Project (NEPED) of Canada is also becoming popular with the Naga farmers.

After getting details of the various programmes in connection with the 2002 World Summit, a Children's painting competition on the theme of 'Environment' was organized in Raj Bhavan, the seat of the Governor on 26th February 2001. This was done under the aegis of the Indian Council for Child Welfare. 155 students from 20 schools participated in the contest. This included some deaf and dumb students. They were divided into several age groups varying from the youngest being four years to eldest being 18 years. A prize distribution function was held, at which Governor Mr.O.P.Sharma gave away the prizes to the winners to the following categories :

i) Green Group (Age 4-6 years)
ii) White Group (Age 7-12 years)
iii) Blue Group (Age 13-18 years)


i) Red Group (Age 5-10 years)
ii) Yellow Group (Age 11-18 years).

Details of the competition will be conveyed to the National Level Committee when it becomes functional. The State will continue to organize other activities relating to the programme of the 2002 World Summit.

The pictures of the children's poster competition are highly evocative and imaginative. These deal with themes of environmental degradation, deforestation, pollution, alternative sources of energy and the rich biodiversity of the State.

View images of the winning entries: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ]
children painting
award ceremony.

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