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Kazakhstan National Preparations

For preparation for the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection (MNREP) was designated as the leading National Preparatory Agency by the Government of Kazakhstan,. The preparatory process for the WSSD is conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy and Trade, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the Agency on Strategic Planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Program "Institutional Strengthening for Sustainable Development," launched in 2000 by the Government of Kazakhstan and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Kazakhstan Country Office, is the executive agency of the preparatory process for the WSSD. The main functions of the Program are:
  • Technical support for joining and ratification of international environmental conventions and agreements, preparation of programs and plans aimed at the practical implementation of international environmental conventions
  • Supporting the development of the Kazakhstan Agenda 21
  • Expert-consultative support for international cooperation in the areas of environment and sustainable development process
  • Analysis of the existing organizations working in the field of sustainable development
  • Elimination of intersectoral barriers to improve cooperation for sustainable development
  • Conduction of workshops, activities, training courses as preparation for Kazakhstan Agenda 21 and sustainable development
  • Supporting projects on preparation for the local Agenda 21
  • Delivery of the Republic of Kazakhstan proposals to the Task Force for preparation of Agenda 21 for Central Asia

Currently, The Republic of Kazakhstan also is conducting the National Review and Assessment of Progress in the Implementation of Agenda 21, according the guidelines of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development and UN General Assembly.

The RK Government adopted the decree "On the rules of establishing the Data Base on Sustainable Development of RK on the UN server".

The MNREP with the support of the Institutional Strengthening Program prepared a decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On establishment of the Interdepartmental Commission on preparations for the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development and Kazakhstan Agenda 21".

The Program will also launch three of the "national initiatives" proposed by the Summit Secretariat to ensure greater participation of all partners:

SD Focal Point
Mrs. Ludmila Shabanova, Manager
"Institutional Strengthening for Sustainable Development",
Joint Program of MNREP and UNDP
Tel/Fax: +7 31622 55537
E-mail: Lshabanova@neapsd.kz, Program Web-page: www.neapsd.kz
Mailing address: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
Satpaev str. 1, Kokshetau 475000 ,Kazakhstan

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