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Major Groups
  Pre-registration Process

For Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) already in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (including the CSD List

First things first …….

Pre-registration is available to those major group organizations that are already in consultative status with ECOSOC (including the CSD List) or have applied and obtained accreditation with the Summit. You can check your accreditation status by looking up the ECOSOC List or the CSD List, or by contacting the following office:

NGO Section
Division for ECOSOC Support and Co-ordination
UN-DESA 1 United Nations Plaza, Room DC-1 1477
New York, NY, 10017, USA
Fax: 212-963-9248 | Email: desangosection@un.org

If your organization is not in the above lists, then you will need to apply for accreditation with the Summit (follow this link).

Three steps to pre-register…

Inform the Summit Secretariat of your organization’s intent to participate. All organizations in consultative status will receive a password from the Summit Secretariat to pre-register online. If you have not received your password from the Summit Secretariat, write to us at summitregister@un.org. You can pre-register to all or any of the events (Prepcom 2, Prepcom 3, Prepcom 4, and the Summit).

Online pre-registration: upon entering your password, search your organization, click on its name, fill out the pre-registration information and submit. Participant lists can be entered immediately or at a later date by revisiting the on-line pre-registration page.

Offline pre-registration: Download any of the following forms and follow instructions:

Download Pre-registration Form in PDF Format
Download Pre-registration Form in Word Format

Submit your participant list. The Summit Secretariat must receive your organization’s final list of participants by no later than three weeks before each event. The deadlines to submit participant lists are: Receive confirmation letter from the Secretariat. Your pre-registration will be complete only after you receive confirmation from the Summit Secretariat that all necessary forms and lists have been received.

What is next?
Pre-registered participants will receive information on the schedule and location for grounds pass pick up. Participants need to have a valid photo identification (passport, drivers license etc) and the confirmation letter they received from the Summit Secretariat when they arrive at the pass pick up venue.

More pre-registration questions? Contact us

Participation questions? Contact us :
By email: 2002participation@un.org
By Phone: 1-212-963-8811; 1-212-963-7255; 1-212-963-8429
By fax: 1-917-367-2341;1-917-367-2342
By mail/in person: Ms. Zehra Aydin-Sipos, Coordinator Major Group Relationships
Ms. Sangeeta Sharma, Major Group Relationships
Ms. Maria Theresa Olvida, Major Group Relationships
Johannesburg Summit Secretariat
United Nations Major Group Relationships
2 United Nations Plaza, 22nd Floor New York, NY, 10017

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