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Joahannesburg Summit 2002


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The Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002 will forge a global partnership for sustainable development and provide a strategic focus for the implementation of Agenda 21, based on an assessment of the emerging challenges and opportunities for the international community. The United Nations Millennium Declaration articulated a set of shared values and objectives including the commitment to spare no effort to free all humanity from the threat of living on a planet whose resources could no longer be sufficient for their needs and to adopt a new ethic of conservation and stewardship. Globalization, associated changes in the functioning of financial markets, technological change that has transformed industry and production, the growth of large urban settlements, the marginalization of large segments of the world's population and the crushing burden of poverty linked to the degradation of the natural resource base pose new risks which require a refocused global vision of implementing sustainable development beyond current arrangements. The realization of these principles and goals for international cooperation for supporting sustainable development requires enhanced international understanding and a reinvigorated basis for decision making, resource mobilization and technology transfer.

To assist in the strategic challenges in a visionary way, the Secretary-General is convening a Panel of Eminent Persons, which will explore the multi-faceted challenges and make recommendations for meeting them. The Panel will provide assistance to the Secretary-General in ensuring political visibility to the process. Individual Panel members can contribute in their special areas of interest and serve the Summit within these areas of influence and impact. The work of this Panel is also intended to assist member states, especially in the context of the substantive preparatory process culminating in the final preparatory session to be held in Indonesia in May 2002.

The Panel will help identify issues and suggest ways to strengthen and deepen the multi-stakeholder commitment for sustainable development. The Panel will also energize global political will in tackling, head on, the need to design national policies and international cooperation policies that fully integrate the long-term economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.

The Panel would, inter alia, focus their work on:

(i) New and emerging issues in the sustainable development agenda and making globalization compatible with sustainable development;

(ii) Ways to support the articulation of the objectives of sustainable development with poverty eradication programmes;

(iii) Environment and health-related policy especially in the areas of food safety, drinking water, sanitation and air quality;

(iv) Technology transfer for sustainable development and strategies for knowledge sharing; and

(v) The mobilization of financial resources for sustainable development.

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