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Background Documents for Prepcom 2:

  1. Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity

  2. UNIDO and the World Summit on Sustainable Development: Finding a Common Ground

  3. Actions in Assisting Developing Countries to Implement Agenda 21 Undertaken by the World Tourism Organization since 1992

  4. Breaking Down the Barriers to Sustainable Development: Report of the United Nations University

  5. Natural Disasters and Sustainable Development: Understanding the Links Between Development, Environment and Natural Disasters

  6. IAEA Activities in Assisting Developing Countries To Implement Agenda 21: A Review (1993-2001)

  7. Ensuring the Sustainable Development of Oceans and Coasts - A Call to Action
    (Co-Chairs' Report from the Global Conference on Oceans and Coasts at Rio+10)

  8. Enhancing Synergies and Mutual Supportiveness of Multilateral Environmental Agreements and the World Trade Organization - A Synthesis Report

  9. Report of the International Maritime Organization to the Commission on Sustainable Development in connection with the World Summit on Sustainable Development

  10. Industry and Sustainable Development

  11. Actions taken by UNCTAD in assisting Developing Countries to Implement Agenda 21

  12. Weather, Climate and Water

  13. Guidance in Preparing a National Sustainable Development Strategy: Managing Sustainable Development in the New Millenium

  14. Population, Environment and Poverty Eradication for Sustainable Development – Actions Toward Johannesburg 2002

  15. ICLEI Second Agenda 21 Survey

  16. FAO's Contribution to the Implementation of Agenda 21 and UNCED Follow-up

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