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Joahannesburg Summit 2002
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Click here for the List of Approved Side Events for 26 - 4 September 2002. All side events will take place inside the Sandton Convention Centre. All delegates accredited to the Summit are welcome to attend these side events at no charge, subject to room restrictions.

Click here to read the special "ENB On the Side" report on selected side events that was produced by the International Institute for Sustainable Development


Side events have been an important part of the meetings of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) and are expected to be similarly important in the World Summit on Sustainable Development (the Johannesburg Summit) and the meetings of its Preparatory Committee (PrepCom).

Side events are events that take place in the margins of the official inter-governmental meetings, organized for the purpose of sharing experiences and increasing opportunities for dialogue among the official meetings' participants.

Unlike regular meetings of the CSD or similar inter-governmental processes, a Summit and its PrepComs involve more complex processes and many more participants. These factors have both increased the demand and reduced the availability of space and time slots for such events.

Please note that the deadline for applications for those wishing to organise Summit Side Events was 20 June 2002. No new applications will be accepted.

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Guidelines for Organizers of Side Events at Sandton Convention Centre

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