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Major Partners

OCHA partners with a variety organizations within as well as outside the United Nations system of organizations to create progress in the rehabilitation of the Chernobyl region. OCHA organizes them as follows: United Nations Inter-Agency Chernobyl Task Force Members and Standing Invitees, leading International NGOs and Foundations. You can access assistance and research projects by clicking the names of the major partners listed below.


United Nations Inter-Agency Chernobyl Task Force Members

United Nations Childrenís Fund http://www.unicef.org
United Nations Population Fund http://www.unfpa.org
United Nations Human Settlements Programme http://www.unhabitat.org
United Nations Development Programme http://www.undp.org/
United Nations Environment Programme http://www.unep.org/
United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation http://www.unscear.org/
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations http://www.fao.org/
International Labour Organization http://www.ilo.org
World Health Organization http://www.who.org
World Bank http://www.worldbank.org
World Meteorological Organization http://www.wmo.ch/index-en.html
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization http://www.unesco.org
United Nations Industrial Development Organization http://www.unido.org
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe http://www.unece.org
International Atomic Energy Agency http://www.iaea.org/


United Nations Inter-Agency Chernobyl Task Force Standing Invitees

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation http://www.sdc.admin.ch
European Commission http://europa.eu.int/index_en.htm
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies http://www.ifrc.org
Committee on the Problems of the Consequences of the Catastrophe at the Chernobyl NPP of Belarus http://www.chernobyl.by
Ministry for Emergencies and Affairs of Population Protection from the Consequences of the Chernobyl Catastrophe in Ukraine http://www.mns.gov.ua
Ministry for Civil Defense, Emergency Situations, and Liquidation of Consequences of Natural Disasters of the Russian Federation http://www.emercom.gov.ru/
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development http://www.ebrd.org/
Nuclear Energy Agency http://www.nea.fr/


Leading International NGOs and Foundations

Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation http://www.nippon-oundation.or.jp/eng/who/affiliated_14.html
Internationaler Hilfsfonds E.V. http://www.internation-hilfsfonds.org/
Chernobyl Childrenís Project http://www.adiccp.org/
Chabadís Children of Chernobyl http://www.ccoc.net/chernobyl_new/
Green Cross http://www.greencross.ch/en/frameset.html



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