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The United Nations and Chernobyl was launched by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). The web site is part of an overall OCHA effort to raise awareness about the many challenges facing the region affected by Chernobyl. The web site offers a view of the results of cooperation between the United Nations and other leading non-profit and international organizations, and provides knowledge and resources that support the Chernobyl development community.

The website offers:

  • The most comprehensive and up-to-date database of assistance and research projects focused on Chernobyl
  • A compendium of research studies on the Chernobyl disaster
  • A History of the United Nations and Chernobyl
  • Analysis of economic and social situations in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia after the Chernobyl disaster

What is OCHA?

In 1992 the Department of Humanitarian Affairs, which came to be called the Office for the Office Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in 1997. OCHA also includes the Coordination Office for International Cooperation on Chernobyl. OCHA has a number of responsibilities including strategy formulation and promotion to resources mobilization, advocacy and channeling donors’ contributions to assist Belarus, Ukraine and Russia to overcome the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster.


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