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PRESIDENT of the 64th Session
United Nations General Assembly

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On Draft Resolution A/64/L-56 on System-wide Coherence

New York, 2 July 2010


We meet here today to consider draft resolution A/64/L-56 on system-wide coherence.

The strength of the United Nations is reflected in the goodwill and commitment of its members. The resolution on system-wide coherence that you have before you today illustrates the dedication and joint efforts of Member States and the Secretariat, to move forward together with a stronger, more efficient organization. Our organization's shortcomings are well known: fragmented, costly and at times duplicative operational activities.  Improving the coherence and effectiveness of the United Nations in delivering its services is vital to ensuring that the UN remains at the heart of the global multilateral system.

Today is an important day. System-wide coherence has been a central item on the reform agenda of the General Assembly since the 2005 World Summit. Since the beginning of my Presidency, it has been my priority to facilitate the finalization of an agreement on the establishment of the new gender entity, as well as on the other aspects of system-wide coherence, by June this year.

I am very pleased, therefore, that today we have a draft resolution that, if adopted, will enhance the performance of the UN's operational activities, by making their funding system more coherent and by harmonizing their governance structure. This resolution requests, for example, that those UN agencies that administer Multi-Donor Trust Funds report annually on their administration, to ensure better complementarity between funds. Reforms to the governance structure of the organization's operational activities also include establishing informal coordination meetings with the their governing bodies, to increase the coordination of their work, and the circulation of information on the agendas, calendars and programs of work of the governing bodies of UN operational activities, to enhance the coherence of both agenda setting and programs of work.

This resolution also seeks to institutionalize our joint efforts to empower one of the world's greatest assets: women. I am delighted that this resolution establishes UN Women, a United Nations entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women. UN women will consolidate and take up all the existing mandates and functions of the Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women, the Division for the Advancement of Women, the United Nations Development Fund for Women and the United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women.  It will be both a normative body as well as an operational one, acting as a secretariat and carrying out operational activities, such as guidance and technical support, at the country level. Importantly, this resolution also charges UN Women an additional mandate, of coordinating the UN system on gender issues, including gender mainstreaming. The United Nations is uniquely placed to take a leading role in advancing the status of women, and I have no doubt of the significance of this resolution in advancing this vital area.


A strong organizational structure will undoubtedly better serve us in improving our work, particularly our results on the ground. But our work doesn't stop here. Excelling in our efforts to provide aid and development, secure global peace, and protect the rights of world's most vulnerable people, requires constant reflection and continuous institutional improvements. Today, Excellencies, is a major step.

I would like to thank the co-facilitators, Her Excellency Mrs. Tiina Intelmann, Permanent Representative of Estonia, and His Excellency Mr. Ghazi Jomaa, Permanent Representative of Tunisia, for their great efforts during this process. Let me also thank the Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon and Deputy Secretary General Asha Rose Migiro, for their important work in supporting these reform efforts.

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