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PRESIDENT of the 64th Session
United Nations General Assembly

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Before the Argentinian Parliament

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 26 May 2010

Your Excellency Dr. Eduardo Fellner,
President of the Chamber of Deputies,
Honourable Deputies,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen

It is an honour for me to address the representatives of the people of Argentina. I deeply appreciate the welcome I have received on my first trip to Latin America in my capacity as President of the United Nations General Assembly.

It is a privilege for me to commemorate with all of you the bicentenary of the emergence of the independent State of Argentine and the political beginnings of this great country.

Two hundred years ago, a new breed of South American heroes and leaders emerged to usher their nations into an era of justice, liberty and peace. Under the command of José de San Martin, numerous campaigns were waged in Río de la Plata…. Today, as we celebrate, we remember the sacrifices of the members of the first revolutionary Junta… Saveedra, Moreno, Albedri and others. We are paying tribute to those heroes who fought for the ideals which one day made it possible to transform submission into liberty, oppression into justice, and war into peace.  

Argentina stands as a key and proud member of the community of Nations. When we look back at the day we are gathered to commemorate, we need to realize that the road ahead is still filled with challenges as well as opportunities. The political process that began in Latin America 200 years ago should match the principles of the founders of the first Latin American Republics.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The United Nations exemplifies such ideals and values. Peace and security, respect for human rights and gender equality, as well as the right to sustainable development are all universal principles.

The twenty-first century has witnessed a number of global crises: from the global financial and economic crisis, the escalating food prices to environmental degradation and the increasing prevalence of natural disasters.  United Nations is the only forum where all nations can collectively work together to achieve durable solutions to these and other challenges.

The United Nations General Assembly, over which I have the honour to preside, is the chief deliberative, policymaking and representative organ of the United Nations. This august house is equally the legislative and representative authority of Argentina. 

The relationship between the United Nations General Assembly and other parliaments of the world is therefore undeniable. Given this importance, Member States conferred observer status on the Interparliamentary Union in 2002 in order to strengthen cooperation between the United Nations and national and regional parliaments.

The United Nations is undergoing intensified efforts to strengthen its ability to deal with current and emerging challenges. We are taking practical steps to revitalize the General Assembly and I have appointed His Excellency Ambassador Jorge Argüello to lead this process with Member States. I am confident that under his able leadership we will achieve a satisfactory outcome.

We are also considering different initiatives and proposals to reform the Security Council to make it more representative, legitimate and credible. The current Security Council represents the realities of the world more than sixty years ago.  Today’s world is quite different from the one that led to the establishment of the United Nations. More developing countries play an important role on the global arena, in particular in the area of peace and security. There is a vast majority of countries that believe that the right of veto needs to be abolished. Most also believe that Latin America and Africa must have a stronger voice in a reformed Security Council, as they bear the responsibility of contributing troops and funds to the different UN Peacekeeping Missions.

Africa and Latin America have common heritage as well as shared interests. I am glad that the cooperation between the two sides has developed over the years, and that joint meetings are taking place periodically. The same can be said about the relationship between the Arab world and Latin America. I believe the crises we face globally underline the importance of enhancing this cooperation and coordination. In this context, the situation in the Middle East remains a serious threat to international peace and security. A just solution to the Palestian question, through the creation of a viable and independent palestian state on the borders recognized by the international community, is the only avenue to achieve a comprehensive and lasting peace in the Region. We need to work together to achieve this goal.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

South America has distinguished itself as a region with solid multilateral relations, which views multilateralism as a force for change and cherishes unity and solidarity.

Today I would like to express my support for the efforts to achieve economic progress…. to reduce inequalities and strengthen social cohesion…. as well as the unconditional respect for the integrity of State sovereignty.
Building the future is the responsibility of this generation…their responsibility to give the coming generations the opportunities for a better, safer and more prosperous Argentina.

Thank you .“Mayo, Progreso y Democracia” “La Lucha continua”

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